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Satisfied Clients of Dynamics Edge

DC City Government

•Case Management to track patient’s activities, scheduling, and assigning case numbers for incidents.
• Develop Dashboards for tracking internal metrics for case management
• Consultation to resolve business processes and alignment of Case Management System.

Case Management (CRM)

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service)

Case Management to replace SharePoint. The organizational objectives were twofold. Adding functional pre-made Apps and developing a “high security” set of extensions to solve the unique requirements of NCIS. Dynamics Edge was critical in helping NCIS implement their Dynamics 365 Case Management system to modernize, create efficiencies and manage security for Criminal Investigations.

• Dynamics 365 Case Management system for NCIS. NCIS was upgrading a Microsoft SharePoint Document Management System to Dynamics 365 Case Management to modernize investigative processes and manage digital documentation storage and access. This offered an advanced set of features to improve their process and security.

• Consulting and software developer training to the NCIS internal software development teams. NCIS staff was highly skilled, but needed guidance, consultation, and training to fully utilized the feature set of Dynamics 365 Case Management

Case Management with High Security

CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Board

• The CFPB is modernizing the agency with automation to cover “staffing shortages”.
• Visualizations and Data Analytics,
• Modernizing Apps to standarize workloads,
• RPA to automate business process, and self-service automation
• Multiple consulting engagements to modernize workflows.

Low-Code Automation

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