Redeem SATV Vouchers: How to Redeem Software Assurance Training Vouchers

Dynamics Edge is an Official Gold Certified Microsoft Learning Partner and we do allow you to redeem Microsoft training vouchers! These training vouchers are usually called Microsoft SATV, also known as Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers. When you redeem a Software Assurance Training Voucher or redeem SATV, this allows you to take a course instead of paying for the course, depending on eligibility and other criteria. First of all you should know that Microsoft does not necessarily allow you to use a SATV for any course. We talk more about this in satv form microsoft – How to Redeem Microsoft training vouchers – Redeem SATV Vouchers

Then, you should figure out what providers even accept you to redeem SATV vouchers. Dynamics Edge does accept the redemption of SATV vouchers on certain eligible courses upon verification of the vouchers and the current eligibility criteria. In order to redeem an SATV voucher, you should consult the satv form Microsoft post we linked above. After that you should contact us to request a Redeem SATV Form for the course you want

Microsoft SATV Form: Software Assurance Training Vouchers Form

Have you ever wondered how to check if a Microsoft course accepts SATV (Software Assurance Training Vouchers) or not? You need to know this in order to redeem your Microsoft training vouchers!

At the official Microsoft SATV voucher catalog you may check if the course accepts SATV vouchers.

Training for End Users, Developers, IT professionals, and more: Dynamics Edge, Official Gold Certified Learning Partner, accepts SATV vouchers. Use the Microsoft SATV catalog website, indicated above, to check for yourself if a course is eligible. Then, Contact us to request an SATV form!

Let’s check out how to use the Microsoft SATV catalog form. These examples are as of 2-23-2017, you should always check for yourself by using these steps, Microsoft is always changing the eligibility of courses.

Let us practice verifying what SharePoint Server 2016 training courses, or any other SharePoint training courses, are accepted by SATV as of 2-23-2017.

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