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Dynamics Edge now offers custom full-service Open edX consulting and custom full-service Open edX hosting.

Open edX Consulting Service Provider Dynamics Edge
Open edX Consulting Service Provider Dynamics Edge


When choosing an Open edX Service Provider for your Open edX consulting needs, the quality and level of competency are so paramount.
We offer full-service consulting and hosting for OpenEdx, that means we take care of all the developer and infrastructure side, as well as the course configuration side.
This is because the even initial Open EdX installation and hosting options are very tricky and difficult to navigate.
That is letting alone other options like SSL, custom configuration to fit your needs, extensions and more.
If that weren’t true – why not just do all of the deployment and maintenance yourself using Open edX documentation?

The truth is, doing it yourself is probably highly impractical for you – because you’ve probably already tried that,
or, you already know you need the quality professional Open edX service provider, Dynamics Edge, to take care of all this for you!

From Open edX hosting to Open edX installation, deployment, configuration and maintenance,
Dynamics Edge offers quality Open edX consulting.
Dynamics Edge offers customization, advanced extension of Open edX and more, to fit your personalized scenarios.

The following is a list – we are able to do way more than this
(and remember we can take care of it for you including hosting Open edX for you),
but to get an idea of our Open edX expertise:

  • We have high competency and expertise ever since and including the very first version of Open edx was released in 2014
  • Open edX APIs including:
    • Open edX REST APIs and edX REST API Conventions for Open edX Development and Engineering
    • Open edX Course Catalog APIs
    • Open edX Enrollment API
    • Open edX Analytics APIs for insights on your data
    • Open edX User APIs
    • Open edX Grades APIs
    • Open edX XBlock APIs
    • Open edX Email Automation APIs
    • Open edX Single Sign On and Third-Party Authentication APIs
  • Open edX ReST APIs
  • Open edX Certificates
  • Open edX Configuration
  • Configuration of Analytics, Open edX Discussions, Documentation, Forums, Insights, Mobile App, Open Response Assessments, and more
  • Open edX Ecommerce including Shopping Cart, Discount Codes, Course Catalog and more
  • Open edX Operations – Differences between Open edX devstack and Open edX fullstack and Open edX Native Installation
  • Differences between Open edX and Open edX Studio, versus the Admin Panel (Django Administration Panel)
  • What is a Superuser in Open edX and how to make someone a Superuser in open Edx
  • Creating Open edX accounts
  • Changing the password of any Open edX User in other ways besides using the E-mail Password Reset
  • Differences between Open edX CMS and Open edX LMS and why this is important
  • Open edX rollout plan, custom architecture, administration, deployment, configuration, extension, hosting and maintenance
  • Open edX – why do I get an internal server error and how do I make Open edX work correctly?
  • What are: Ansible, Ansible Playbooks, Docker, Vagrant, Ubuntu, NGINX, Django, RabbitMQ, Python, Node, Node.js, MongoDB, and what do these have to do with Open edX?
  • Open edX theme installation, including custom themes
  • Scalable Open edX Deployment
  • Debugging Open edX Edxapp logs, edX Event Log Files, other Open edX logs, other system logs, and underlying root causes

Open edX versions and releases (Dynamics Edge has experience with all of these and more):

Dynamics Edge can support and host the following Open edX versions (Dynamics Edge can also likely support newer and/or older Open edX versions than the ones that may be on this list)

Gingko releases:

Gingko.2 is Open edX newest release as of December 18, 2017 and is still current as of April 2, 2018.

Gingko.1 was August 2017

Ficus releases::

Ficus.4 in August 2017
Ficus.3 in April 2017
Ficus.2 in March 2017
Ficus.1 in February 2017

Dynamics Edge may also be able to support and host the following “deprecated” or “unsupported” Open edX versions:

Eucalyptus (note: this is considered “unsupported” – but we may be able to support it depending on your requirements – please inquire)

Eucalyptus.3 January 2017
Eucalyptus.2 September 2016
Eucalyptus.1 August 2016

Dogwood (note: this is considered “unsupported” – but we may be able to support it depending on your requirements – please inquire)

Dogwood.3 April 25 2016
Dogwood.2 April 14 2016
Dogwood.1 March 2016
Dogwood February 2016

Cypress (note: this is considered “unsupported” – but we may be able to support it depending on your requirements – please inquire)

Cypress August 2015

Birch (note: this is considered “unsupported” – but we may be able to support it depending on your requirements – please inquire)

Birch.2 August 2015
Birch.1 July 2015
Birch February 2015

Aspen (note: this is considered “unsupported” – but we may be able to support it depending on your requirements – please inquire)

Aspen October 2014

Dynamics Edge recommends that you always use the newest stable release of Open edX,
unless there are certain circumstances in your case
that result in you preferring to or needing to use another version of Open edX.
In either case, we can help!

The common convention for naming is “Open edX” but you may also hear or see this referenced as:
It may be called openedx, or OpenEDX, EdX, edX, edx, OpenEdX, Openedx, Open EDX, open edx, and the like.

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