Dynamics 365 Business Central Consulting Services Partner

Who is Dynamics Edge and does Dynamics Edge offer Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting services?
What are ways that a deployment admin like me can use Dynamics Edge to render the proper consulting services that my enterprise level organization needs now?
If I am a Microsoft partner, is there any benefit I get from using Dynamics Edge to help me with Microsoft AppSource, Dynamics 365 Business Central, PowerApps and Power Platform (Power BI, Flow, etc)?
How can Microsoft partners like myself get the best out of PowerApps Training, Dynamics 365 Business Central Training, and other consulting services from Dynamics Edge?

Where in the world do I learn more about Dynamics Edge?

In order to start helping business enterprise users, deployment admins and more get started quickly with Power Platform and Dynamics suite, we have added a whole catalog of custom courses, Business Central consulting services (Dynamics 365 Consulting) and more offerings for high quality solutions that are based upon Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource as well as PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow Training and Consulting.

What are Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting partners and services?

This means essentially a company that offers D365 BC (Dynamics 365 Business Central) consulting, and possibly training in some cases. We offer both, in ways that are unique and are based upon our decades of experience with Dynamics NAV consulting and training, and much extensive experience with Dynamics Business Central from the moment it was released. Dynamics Edge is a Microsoft partner that helps organization enterprise users, business users, and more start with true confidence through custom tailored, high-quality training and consulting services based upon years of highly tailored experience working directly with the software and with enterprise customers, that are specifically designed to fully deliver great solutions with predictable outcomes, with success that can be measured. Dynamics Edge’s Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation Consulting and Training partners do indeed play a interesting, vital role in the terms of actually helping real, active customers start assessing their enterprise-critical needs. Dynamics Edge also helps enterprises deploy the right solutions at the right time and evaluate how D365 Business Central consulting helps you meet your goals in your business. It is for this particular reason that Dynamics Edge’s listings of custom training, workshops, consulting services offerings and more are here for you. Whether you are looking for Dynamics 365 Business Central System Integrator (SI) consulting partners or PowerApps training, Dynamics Edge has it covered for you. Your goal should be to enable and empower your business enterprise users to start the connection and integration profess quickly and with high quality, professional advice from industry experts.
D365 BC consulting services offerings by Dynamics Edge are what’s known as customer-specific enterprise engagements that are measurable and have a defined outcome in the marketplace. Consulting services have duration, scope, price, and are centered around an outcome in which you can measure if you have succeeded or not. Enterprise business organization users can request to be contacted by Dynamics 365 Business Central Deployment Training and Consulting partner Dynamics Edge in a quick, easy manner for your convenience. Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners that actually deliver quality training and consulting, are difficult to find, and Dynamics Edge is the one that offers you high quality for your money. Whether you need help receive notifications in your Dynamics CRM system or you are aiming to create responses to customers and key users within 48 to 72 hours after being contacted initially, we can help you with all of these scenarios and much more.

How can I get Dynamics CRM deployment consulting and training, or D365 Business Central consulting / training and use Dynamics Edge to render the proper consulting services that my enterprise level organization needs right now?

You are the Dynamics 365 Business Central customer, and while you can easily search for consulting service offerings for enterprise solutions based on Dynamics 365 Business Central, PowerApps, Flow, Power BI and more that are available, it’s QUALITY that may be harder to find. Review our offer to you as a trusted Microsoft partner, and one that delivers quality, and please request on our website or give us a call to be contacted by Dynamics Edge, a high quality partner that truly offers and delivers the needed services that your business enterprise require for your profit and success.

Learn much more about the consulting services that are now offered on Dynamics Edge on our website or call or contact us for more information.

If I am a Microsoft partner, is there any benefit I get from using Dynamics Edge to help me with Microsoft AppSource, Dynamics 365 Business Central, PowerApps and Power Platform (Power BI Consulting, Microsoft Flow Consulting, etc)?

Yes, you do get a big benefit when using Dynamics Edge’s full catalog of D365 consulting services, training offerings for solutions, custom workshops and more. All of our offerings are based on Microsoft Power Platform, Flow, PowerApps, as well as Power BI, PowerApps, Dynamics 365 and more involving your AppSource needs. As a Microsoft partner, Dynamics Edge’s D365 Consulting Services all are enabling and empowering you and your company to make use of our high expertise to you and even your end customers. We offer fully working, customized , enterprise level solutions and custom workshops and training offerings, including 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, 5-day bundles, hourly custom value-packed custom one-on-one consulting sessions and more. While we are doing so, our Dynamics consulting services also definitely permit you to start showcasing your proven expertise using our solutions to boost your productivity, and offer quality engagements that are in scope of what you want to accomplish. In terms of bundling our quality consulting service offerings with your ultimate mission and end goal, what happens is that you get the true benefit of enhancing your market very quickly and in a high quality way. You do this while also being exposed to more Dynamics 365 based customer prospects based on machine learning intelligence, custom data analysis and more.

How can Microsoft partners like myself get the best out of PowerApps Training, Dynamics 365 Business Central Training, and other consulting services from Dynamics Edge?

Dynamics Edge helps you receive measurable, predictable, and repeatable outcomes for your enterprise. Other partners and consulting services offerings may or may not do this, but we at Dynamics Edge make our best effort to meet and even exceed your project’s requirements. Microsoft partner Dynamics Edge’s proven competencies and expertise and real world experience in terms of the high quality delivery of solutions for our custom products result in our consulting services and custom training offerings doing well for our customers. You may need customer-specific engagements that are conducted in the proper scope, duration, with a clearly defined outcome and with measurable results, and Dynamics Edge is ready to deliver on this for you. The types of quality engagements are measurable in order to help drive consistency within your enterprise, including workshops, briefings, implementations, assessments, proof of concepts, and fully working demos and prototypes that match or even exceed your desired outcomes and expectations.
In the case that you happen to be interested in using Dynamics 365 Business Central consulting services, please peruse the information on our website or please get in touch with us by calling us, or using our website contact form, in order to get started today.

Dynamics NAV Classic Training 2019

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Training Materials for versions like v5.0 / 2009 or older / newer is the quality Dynamics NAV Training that is designed for people who just want to stay on the previous versions of Dynamics NAV for several business reasons and can’t or don’t want to move to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics NAV Classic Training

Dynamics Edge’s Dynamics NAV Training for Classic Versions empowers you to understand what’s “new” with NAV 5.0 like Online Map Integration Export to Package and more. This is not merely a pre-recorded training class for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Training – we offer the custom training live with the instructor in real time. This Dynamics NAV Training course is designed to teach End-users the basics of Dynamics NAV, ideal for Dynamics Navision Training candidates who want to get more out of NAV. Get quality Dynamics NAV 6.0 2009 SP1 Classic Training and more with Dynamics Edge. Topics include Disaster Recovery and Backup for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic, advanced filtering and searching by utilizing the Dynamics NAV classic client. We also offer the newest Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 Training 2019 for NAV on-premises 2018 version including Dynamics NAV 2018 Developer Training in 2019 and beyond. These Microsoft NAV courses is for sales people, marketing staff, account managers and supervisors, and other company personnel who would definitely like to develop their skill set further with our NAV Dynamics training classes and understand how to become a great quality Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer who is skilled in the art. We offer Dynamics NAV ( Dynamics NAV Training ) and more than just Dynamics NAV videos we offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic Client Live Training in real time. We can offer your NAV training in one of our training centers that offer offline in-the-classroom courses for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 training OR w can offer the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Extensions Training Courses live in real time online (Live Virtual). Contact us for more infoemation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification Exam Preparation Guides Training Springfield Missouri

Assuming that you might be interested in custom Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification Training in person in Springfield, Missouri, USA, OR live-virtual, live with the instructor training that you can attend anywhere in the USA or anywhere in the world, we’ve got you covered. We also offer in person Dynamics NAV Certification Exam Training in San Jose, California and many locations in the USA – just ask us for details. Want to know how to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, or MCP, in Dynamics NAV or Dynamics Business Central? We’ve got you covered! Call Dynamics Edge now. Understand how to best prepare for MCP certification exams with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification Exam Training Preparation Guides.

Click here to check out all of our Dynamics Edge Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification Training Workshops and Courses as well as Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Courses..

According to this source, Exam MB7-701 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Core Setup and Finance has been retired.

Exam MB2-713: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales was authored on January 22, 2016 and is still in effect according to this source and as of September 28 2018 is still active, although we recommend the newer exam MB2-717 Dynamics 365 for Sales (although mb2-713 and mb2-717 are on the topic of Dynamics 365 CRM Training rather than Dynamics 365 NAV Training)


Exam MB7-701

Published: January 4, 2013
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish
Audiences:IT professionals
Technology: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
Credit toward certification: MCP, MCTS
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Core Setup and Finance
This exam has been retired
For currently available options, please see the Microsoft Certification exam list.
Skills measured
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Set up the Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment (21%)
Perform user personalization
Customize the ribbon and navigation pane; choose columns on List pages; add and remove a FactBox from the FactBox pane; add and remove FastTabs on pages; customize charts; customize parts on the Role Center page; change the profile and Role Center
Perform basic functions
Use keyboard shortcuts; enter and edit information; add OneNote to a record; add notes and links to records; send pages to Word and Excel; send pages as email attachments; print reports and documents; sort and search information; use FactBoxes; post documents
Configure master data for sales and purchase processes
Add general ledger (G/L) account cards; add chart of accounts pages; add customers and vendors; add item cards
Create and process sales and purchase orders
Create and process purchase orders; receive multiple purchase orders; create purchase invoices by using the Get Receipt Lines function; create sales quotes; convert quotes to sales orders; process sales orders
Preparation resources
How to: Disable or enable personalization
Set up the chart of accounts
How to: Create purchase orders manually
Set up an application (21%)
Manage user rights and profiles
Set up authentication; set up user rights; create permission sets; apply security filters; describe the setup of users and user profiles
Set up number series and trail codes
Set up and assign number series and number series relationships; assign customer numbers in the Sales & Receivables Setup window; set up source codes and reason codes; navigate the audit trail
Set up general journal templates and batches
Describe general journal template fields and batch fields; create general journal templates; open general journal batches from a general journal
Set up posting groups
Set up and assign specific posting groups, including customer, vendor, inventory and bank account posting groups; set up and assign general posting groups; set up and assign value added tax (VAT) posting groups; post and review sales transactions
Set up dimensions
Set up and use dimensions and dimension values; describe dimension combinations, default dimensions, account type default dimensions, default dimension priority, and conflicting default dimensions
Set up and manage document approvals
Set up document approvals; set up the notification system; set up and use a sales document approval system
Preparation resources
Create number series
Set up general journals
How to: Set up dimensions and dimension values
Configure fixed assets (14%)
Set up fixed asset components
Set up fixed asset posting groups; set up depreciation books; set up fixed asset pages; set up main assets and asset components; record open transactions; make duplicate entries; copy fixed assets and fixed asset ledger entries
Set up fixed asset transactions
Describe journals for fixed assets; describe the purchase of fixed assets; calculate and post depreciation; describe write-down and appreciation of fixed assets, fixed asset disposals, correction of entries, documenting and budgeting fixed asset transactions, fixed asset reports, cost-accounting depreciation, indexation, and minor assets
Set up reclassification, maintenance, and insurance of fixed assets
Set up asset transfer; set up partial disposal of an asset; combine assets; set up maintenance information; set up maintenance registration and costs; set up maintenance cost reporting; set up insurance information; assign assets to insurance policies; monitor insurance coverage; update insurance information; describe index insurances
Preparation resources
Set up fixed assets
Maintain fixed assets
Insure fixed assets
Manage finance essentials (24%)
Set up business processes
Set up the general ledger; set up accounting periods; use the G/L account card ribbon; use the chart of accounts page
Set up general journals
Create and post journal entries; create standard journals; process recurring journals; process reversals and corrections
Set up cash management
Set up bank accounts; create customer and vendor accounts; set up cash receipt and payment journals; suggest vendor payments; print and post payables checks; void checks; apply payments; unapply customer and vendor ledger entries; reverse posted journals; describe bank reconciliation
Manage receivables and payables
Set up and process sales and purchase payment discounts; set up and process payment and payment discount tolerances; review posted payment discount tolerances and payment tolerance entries; review customer and vendor statistics; set up and assign reminder terms; create and issue reminders; set up and assign finance charge terms; create and issue finance charge memos; calculate interest on reminders; set up Intrastat journals; prepare Intrastat reports
Manage VAT
Describe VAT calculation types; display VAT amounts in sales and purchase documents; adjust VAT amounts in sales and purchase documents and journals; describe unrealized VAT, VAT statements, and VAT settlement; set up the VAT rate change tool; perform VAT rate conversions
Set up prepayments
Set up general posting groups; set up unrealized VAT for prepayments; set up number series for prepayment documents; set up prepayment percentages for customers and vendors; set up prepayment verification; set up prepayment processing flows; set up and process prepayment sales and purchase orders; correct prepayments
Set up year-end closing processes
Close a fiscal year; transfer income statement account balances; post journals
Preparation resources
Configure finance processes
Manage cash
Walk through: Setting up and invoicing prepayments
Manage advanced finance (20%)
Manage multiple currencies
Set up currency pages and currency exchange rates; set up multiple currencies for customers, vendors, and bank accounts; process sales and purchase documents; process cash receipts; process payments; adjust exchange rates for customers, vendors, and bank accounts; set up and use additional reporting currencies; adjust exchange rates for G/L accounts; display the exchange rate adjustment register
Manage budgets
Set up G/L budgets; set up budget pages; create budgets manually; copy budgets; export and import budgets
Manage cost accounting
Explain a cost accounting workflow; set up cost accounting; describe cost entries, cost budgets, cost allocation, cost accounting history, and reporting
Manage cash flow forecast
Set up and create cash flow forecasts; describe cash flow forecast reporting
Manage financial reporting and analysis
Analyze the chart of accounts; describe account schedules; describe analysis by dimensions; export analysis views to Excel; describe dimension-based reports; combine analysis views with account schedules; describe financial performance charts
Preparation resources
Manage project budgets
Manage cash flow forecasts
Create analysis views and reports
Who should take this exam?
This exam is designed for individuals who plan to use core setup and finance features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. They typically are sales consultants, implementation consultants, and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 users who are in the finance industries. Candidates should also have a basic knowledge of setup and configuration procedures for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 features and functionalities, and accounting rules and practices.


Exam MB2-713
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 for Sales Certification Training
Published: January 22, 2016
Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Japanese, Spanish
Audiences:Information workers
Technology: Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Credit toward certification: MCP
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Sales
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Skills measured
This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below. The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage, the more questions you are likely to see on that content area on the exam. View video tutorials about the variety of question types on Microsoft exams.
Please note that the questions may test on, but will not be limited to, the topics described in the bulleted text.
Do you have feedback about the relevance of the skills measured on this exam? Please send Microsoft your comments. All feedback will be reviewed and incorporated as appropriate while still maintaining the validity and reliability of the certification process. Note that Microsoft will not respond directly to your feedback. We appreciate your input in ensuring the quality of the Microsoft Certification program.
If you have concerns about specific questions on this exam, please submit an exam challenge.
If you have other questions or feedback about Microsoft Certification exams or about the certification program, registration, or promotions, please contact your Regional Service Center.
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Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM components and the product catalog (24%)
Manage Dynamics CRM sales management components
Understand different record types; create, maintain, and use sales literature; create, maintain, and use competitors; understand sales territories; manage currency configurations; understand social engagement
Manage the product catalog
Understand the role of the product catalog and price lists; manage unit groups; manage products; manage price lists; manage discount lists; manage currencies; create product families and properties; manage product bundles; view products in hierarchical charts
Manage leads, opportunities, and sales (30%)
Manage leads
Understand the role of lead and opportunity records; understand the lead to the opportunity process flow; use the lead to the opportunity process form and the process ribbon; track leads; convert activity records to leads
Manage opportunities
Create and manage opportunities; manage opportunity records; connect competitors to opportunities; view resolution activities; work with opportunities from views; add a contact to an opportunity
Manage the sales order process
Add line items to opportunities; create and add write-in products and opportunities; select alternate price lists for opportunities; understand the process of the quotes life cycle; manage quotes; work with orders; work with invoices; convert quotes to orders and convert orders to invoices
Manage metrics and perform sales analysis (23%)
Manage metrics and goals
Configure sales metrics; configure fiscal periods; create and assign goal records; define parent and child records; create and recalculate parent and child goal records; create rollup queries
Perform sales analysis
Use built-in reports; export sales information to Microsoft Excel; work with charts and dashboards; work with system charts from an opportunity list; create dashboards; share dashboards and charts; perform advanced find queries; work with Microsoft Power BI dashboards
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other products (22%)
Configure email integration
Configure email server synchronization; configure server settings, server profiles, and mailbox configurations; migrate to server-side synchronization; configure synchronization options; configure email client integration; use folder tracking; use the Dynamics CRM app for Outlook
Configure collaboration
Configure Microsoft SharePoint integration; set up SharePoint documents; use SharePoint documents; use Skype and Skype for Business with Dynamics CRM; use Microsoft Yammer with Dynamics CRM; use Office Groups with Dynamics CRM
Configure Office productivity
Work with Excel; export to Excel; work with Power BI; analyze data with Power BI; visualize data with Excel and Power BI to create an immersive experience; configure OneNote integration; use OneNote with Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training September 2018

For Dynamics Edge’s September 2018 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training course strategy updates, we plan to cover the following. We want to make sure we cover all of the brand new Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM (or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365) training updates including Dynamics 365 Business Applications Updates by September 2018 or earlier, for all our Dynamics 365 Sales course revisions. We also want to apply updates to our other new Dynamics Edge Dynamics 365 training course revisions.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training September 2018 Update Business Applications October 2018 Release Notes
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training September 2018 Update Business Applications including October 2018 Release Notes with Dynamics Edge Dynamics 365 CRM Training and Dynamics CRM 365 Training (known as Dynamics 365 for Sales Training , part of our new Dynamics 365 training revision lineup)

Here are just some of the updates planned to all of our courses for the entire Dynamics 365 product line.

  1. PowerApps Business Application Platform
    1. Common Data Service for Apps updates
  2. Power BI Business Application Platform
    1. Common Data Service for Analytics updates to customize insights with unified data and also, integration with Windows Azure
  3. Dynamics 365 Business Central
    1. Fall 2018 brings many core updates to Dynamics 365 Business Central we want to cover in our new training revisions (formerly known as Dynamics NAV training in previous versions)
  4. Dynamics 365 Sales
    1. Formerly known as Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM 2015, Dynamics CRM 2013, and Dynamics CRM 2011 training, we cover Dynamics 365 for Sales in our training, and we’re ready to revise for the coming Fall 2018 update to this product that empowers you to go beyond sales force automation (SFA) to win more deals by engaing more effectively with customers by understanding their desires.
  5. Dynamics 365 Marketing
    1. Nurture leads through the sales cycle and understand embedded insights, using multi-channel campaigns and more.
  6. Dynamics 365 Service Applications
    1. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Training updates cover field service improvements, customer service automation enhancements and more.
  7. Dynamics 365 for Talent
    1. Employee Management Enhancements
      1. Retention
      2. Engagement
      3. Attraction
      4. Development
      5. and Much More
    2. Dynamics 365 for Talent is quite closely related to the Human resources module in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Some similar functionality may sometimes tend to appear in both of these product lines. Because of this, some training topics related to Human resources overlap with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Training – in topics that are primarily related to Talent, the Dynamics 365 for Talent training might be the one that covers it but Dynamics 365 for Finance Operations Training may also cover certain overlapping functionality in some modules.
  8. Dynamics 365 for Retail training updates to integrate back office operations with personalized customer engagement platforms.
  9. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations training updates to give the power to people in your enterprise to make informed and quick decisions in the right moments when it matters.

We plan to roll out these Dynamics 365 training updates so keep watch for them.