THR1038 Microsoft Azure Proposal RFP

THR1038 Effectively writing proposals and responding to RFPs for Microsoft Azure. An RFP stands for Request for Proposal. If you are a business user, technical sales person, or pre-sales team, you may benefit from understanding how to best respond to request for proposals or RFP’s. Learn and become more aware of things like basic templates designs to simplify your requirement gathering processes and procedures. Learn how to respond to common availability and security queries as well regarding Azure.

BRK3139 Sysadmin’s guide to the cloud

BRK3139 Sysadmin’s guide to the cloud. Sysadmins are used to managing all aspects of their servers and infrastructure – from physical and virtual, to OS and monitoring. When moving to the cloud, things are little bit different and we lose some of the control. Or do we really? Things in the cloud are different than in the on-premises world, but there are lot of things to make sysadmins’ lives easier. Join us in this session and learn secrets of cloud administration that every sysadmin should know!

MLS1015 The Future of Serverless

MLS1015 The Future of Serverless Azure Logic Apps Service Fabric and also learn what serverless web apps are, why they are cool as well as how to debug them practically.

Related sessions include:
MLS1024 – .NET Core 3.0 and the future of .NET
MLS1013 – The future of business applications: One platform to rule them all?
MLS1028 – The big serverless announcements

BRK004 Azure Infrastructure As A Service IaaS Cloud Edge Training

BRK004 Create more value for your business on Azure infrastructure, from the cloud to the edge. So wether you are just recently starting to adopt the cloud as part of your hybrid strategy or perhaps have been running your workloads in the cloud for years, learn how Azure is really the best place for your everyday workloads as well as mission critical applications. Create more value for your business with highly available, secure, and scalable infrastructure from the cloud to the edge. Azure IaaS innovations provide you guidance on how to optimize your environment for cost and performance, how to accelerate your cloud and hybrid journey, and how Azure provides the best Windows experience for you and your organization.

WRK3006 Managing Azure Kubernetes Service: What you need to know about day two operations

WRK3006 Managing Azure Kubernetes Service: What you need to know about day two operations is here. So, you’ve successfully deployed Kubernetes, now what do you do? Like any other service, it may be the case you need a combination of security tooling, monitoring, alerting and operational management strategies as well in order to make it happen and to succeed. This WRK3006 workshop walks through and demonstrates the best practices for each of these questions and shows how the latest tooling makes it possible. You’ll do hands-on exercises with the following solutions: · Azure Kubernetes Service · Kubernetes cluster and resource management · Azure Container Insights · Azure Security Center and Azure Policy · GitOps Tooling The takeaway from this will be lessons and considerations that will influence the way you operate your own AKS clusters in your enterprise.

Power Virtual Agents Training

Power Virtual Agents Training or Power Agents Training by Dynamics Edge is available now for Microsoft’s newly released November 4, 2019 no-code / low-code AI and chat bot builder. Let Dynamics Edge teach you how to increase your productivity with Power Virtual Agents.

Microsoft adds more and more features to its low-code as well as no-code Power Platform product families. Recently it was demoed at the Microsoft Ignite conference this week. There is also new branding for Power Platform we previously called Microsoft Flow training – now it is rebranded as Power Automate training and we are also calling our Flow training that as well as of now.

Power Platform is known as the collection of Microsoft Power BI for deep data analytics, PowerApps app development platform known as PowerApps and Flow now known as Power Automate, the business process automation engine for big time productivity. As of November 4 2019, Microsoft is rebranding Flow as Power Automate.

Microsoft is also now making the addition of robotic process automation (RPA) to Power Automate to help you automate repetitive tasks. This is called UI Flows, and we now have Power Platform UI Flows training on this as well.

Also, now Microsoft is introducing a really super new offering known as Power Virtual Agents which is in public preview as of November 4 2019. So Power Virtual Agents intends to empower just about anyone to build without any code needed, and even no AI training required, already out of the box intelligent bot that can respond intelligently. What this does is it in fact combines the Microsoft Azure Bot Framework technology with the current Power Platform technologies. For any of those people that want to make a more complex bot such as with our Azure Chat Bot training, there are integrations between Azure Bot Framework and Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services training as well.

Azure IoT DevKit Training MXChip AZ3166

Can quality Microsoft Azure IoT DevKit Training on MXChip AZ3166 be easy to come by? With Dynamics Edge, today could be your very own lucky day!

Azure IoT Devkit Training MXChip AZ3166 Hardware Board
Azure IoT Devkit Training

Inquire to us (Dynamics Edge) for more details on our latest Azure DevKit training course options.

Ask especially for our classes that train specifically on the actual hardware board, specifically our to Azure IoT Hub hardware devkit training courses.

Our quality Azure IoT training classes help you understand the Azure AZ3166 MXChip in order to help you start learning how to program Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices. You get familiar with tools like Microsoft Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to accomplish this in our integrative, hybrid, hardware and software Azure IoT Developer training courses.

Also you may ask about our Azure IoT Edge training courses for use cases like to deploy an Azure Machine Learning solution directly to a device for specific reasons we can go over with you, which may include Azure Cognitive Services training on the Azure cloud platform ,learning how to properly set up, configure, and how to connect your IoT DevKit AZ3166 to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub so that you can start to send data to the Azure modern cloud platform, potentially receive data from Azure, and more!

Azure IoT DevKit MXChip training can be used for applications such as machine learning, deep learning, and other Azure AI training related usage. Azure AI Training is an abbreviation that also means Azure Artificial Intelligence Training. Microsoft Certification Exam AI-100: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution is very much related to Azure AI training – check out our website or contact us for more info on this exam and the best Dynamics Edge Azure certification training course to take for this exam i.e. ask for our Azure AI-100 Training options. Our best course to help you prepare for Azure exam AI-100 though is likely to be our Azure AI-100T01 training course.

More than just some other Azure IoT DevKit Simulator training or just a generic plain Azure training, we go in depth here with a unique combination of hardware and software topic coverage and live practice. We actually offer Azure IoT devkit courses that are based on direct practice on the hardware board itself and integrating with the software side or Azure side. That means you will be working with the actual hardware! Hands on is the way to go for the highest chances of you getting the most benefits from this type of Azure course. You may also start to understand the Arduino portion (for more details on Arduino please inquire for our azure arduino training options), VSLink, instruction sets, and how these all fit together comprehensively to make a complete Azure internet of things solution for the modern day, for smart devices, location or environment aware devices and more!

Microsoft Windows Azure IoT Gateway SDK Training Classes

Dynamics Edge is offering Microsoft Windows Azure IoT Gateway SDK Training, call for more info.

Microsoft Windows Azure IoT Gateway SDK Training Classes
Microsoft Windows Azure IoT Gateway SDK Training Classes

Azure IoT Training is available now with Dynamics Edge.

According to Microsoft, the Azure Service SDKs actually enables you to manage Azure IoT hub efficiently and effectively. Enteprises and architects like you can use Azure IoT hub to schedule jobs, send messages, or send desired property updates to your IoT devices or modules as well as invoke direct methods. Get Started now with Azure IoT Technical Training for Developers and Power Users, from Dynamics Edge. With this Azure Training you understand how Azure Device SDK’s empower building applications that execute on a variety of IoT devices such as by utilizing the module client or device clients. Device Provisioning SDKs give you abilities to customize your IoT Hub using the Device Provisioning Service panel. You can have the apps to start sending Azure telemetry signals to your Azure IoT hub. You may also receive methods, jobs, updates, or Azure device twins training updates from your IoT hub. You can also use Azure device twin training to boost your skill in the module client to understand how to build new modules for the Azure IoT Edge execution runtime protocol.

Microsoft Windows Azure IoT service SDKs Training Courses

Dynamics Edge offers Microsoft Windows Azure IoT service SDK Training classes that contain hands on work with real code to construct real world applications that have interaction components with the Azure IoT Hub. This can be done to enhance the management of security on a wide variety of devices.

Please call or contact Dynamics Edge for a custom Azure Training course – some ideas for a custom course are as follows (contact us for more info):

  • Azure IoT Hub service SDK for .NET training classes and workshops
  • Azure IoT Arduino IDE training courses
  • Azure IoT Hub service SDK for Node.js training
  • Azure IoT Hub service SDK for Java training workshops
  • Azure IoT apt-get training classes
  • Azure IoT Fundamentals Training or Azure IoT Fundamentals Training
  • Azure IoT MBED training courses
  • Azure IoT Nuget Package Manager Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Hub service SDK for Python training classes
  • Azure IoT Node Package Manager Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Maven Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Github integration Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Gateway SDK Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Microsoft.Azure.IoT.Gateway.Module Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Microsoft.Azure.Devices.Gateway Training Courses
  • Azure IoT generator-az-iot-gw-module Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Node.js Training Courses
  • Azure IoT Edge Training

Dynamics Edge offers custom Azure IoT Training in many locations like San Jose, California as well as Nashville, TN (Nashville, Tennessee, USA) and many locations in the USA. We also offer Live Virtual Azure Training as well. Call or contact Dynamics Edge for more info on how we can help you!

Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training February 2019

Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) Training with Dynamics Edge is the kind of Azure PaaS Training that leaves you empowered. With our Azure Training you’re learning how to use a complete enterprise-level deployment and development environment in the Microsoft cloud. All of this Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training includes exclusive Azure Training resources that enhance your skills, teaching you how to deliver dev/test and production solutions from the simplest most basic cloud based apps to more sophisticated, more advanced enterprise applications ready for the cloud; including for usage from devices like Desktops, Mobile Devices and more.

Click the image or use the link below the image to learn more. We offer options of in-person, in the classroom delivery for Azure Paas Training and Azure Training in U.S. locations like San Jose, California as well as Live Virtual (real time, with the instructor online offerings) as well – Live Virtual Microsoft Azure Training with Dynamics Edge can be attended from anywhere in the U.S. (or even anywhere in the world) at your convenience and is live, in real time, with the instructor.

Microsoft Azure PaaS Training Windows Azure Platform As A Service Consulting Licensing 2018 2019 2020
Microsoft Azure PaaS Training Courses – use this link to learn more about our Azure Training Classes and all of our offerings.

You and your company can start purchasing the resources you really need from the Azure cloud service provider on either a pay-as-you-go basis or in some cases, a dev/test basis or even a reserved instance basis, and then access those virtual resources over a secure Internet connection with Microsoft Azure. Remember, Dynamics Edge also offers consulting, licensing, custom solutions and more for Microsoft Azure – if a custom Azure PaaS Training or Azure Training course isn’t right for you or isn’t quite enough, call Dynamics Edge to understand the full scope of your Azure Training, Azure Consulting, Azure Licensing, and even more options.

Much in the same ways as our Azure IaaS Training options, our Azure PaaS Training includes education on storage, networking, and infrastructure services on Azure. However, our Azure PaaS Training also includes education on business intelligence (BI) services, development tool sets, middleware tools, database management systems (DBMS), and more. PaaS is designed to support the complete web and business software application lifecycle: starting with building, then moving on to testing, continuing with deploying, and also topping it all off with managing, and updating the application (or “app”).

Azure Platform As A Service (PaaS) Training by Dynamics Edge gives you the power to mitigate or even not have to deal with the complications and high costs of purchasing and individually managing discrete software licenses for various purposes. This is because with Microsoft Azure, the underlying base application infrastructure as well as the related middleware is right there integrated with the system, along with development tools and other resources crucial to your development, testing, and management phases. With Microsoft Azure, you and your enterprise can manage the services and applications you have finished development on (or have started on), and Microsoft Azure, trusted cloud service provider, manages everything else for you as automatically as you can make it. Let Dynamics Edge teach you how to make your life better with customized Azure PaaS Automation Training, Azure PaaS Training, and other Azure Training options!

Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training January 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training February 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training March 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training April 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training May 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training June 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training July 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training August 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training September 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training October 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training November 2019
Microsoft Windows Azure PaaS Training December 2019

For individual dates related to the above navigate to Microsoft Azure Training
then choose a course for dates, locations and more info.

One of our courses that overlaps for both Azure IaaS Training and Azure PaaS Training is the following:

Dynamics Edge offers Exam 70-537 Training with our Dynamics Edge Azure Stack Training Course 20537: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack

We also have these options:

Azure Developer Training Course 50466: Microsoft Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual Studio 2010)
Take Azure Training Course 50466 – Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom Azure Training and Live Virtual training options. Please note that we may have better options than Course 50466 – the Microsoft Visual Studio version 2010 training is quite older than more recent versions like Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Training, Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Training and Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Training which we offer courses on.

Azure Development Training Course 20487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services
Take Azure Training Course 20487 – Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom training and Live Virtual Azure Training choices.

Windows Azure Training Course 10979: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Take Azure Training Course 10979 – Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom training and Live Virtual training offerings for Azure

Azure Training Class 20532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions
Prepares you for exam 70-532 | Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom Azure training and Live Virtual training.
Take Azure Training Course 20532

Azure Training Class 20533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
Prepares you for exam 70-533 | Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom Microsoft Azure training courses and Live Virtual training options.
Take Azure Training Course 20533

Azure Training Course 20535: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
Prepares you for exam 70-535 | Dynamics Edge offers Instructor-led classroom Microsoft Windows Azure Solutions Architect Training and Live Virtual training offerings.
Take Azure Training Course 20535

The Microsoft Azure skills that you want that can advance your career are available with Dynamics Edge.