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Build Your Own Power Automate Training App Flow Course Workshop MB-404 40004 Dynamics Edge

Create Business Applications to drive your digital transformation

You can use Apps to advance your organization. New Internet technologies offer you a more productive way to work. Create intelligent business applications using the power of the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365.

Microsoft has Mobile Apps for Sales, Customer Service and Field Service. You can go further and have your own custom Line of Business (LOB) Apps that match your organizations needs and manage specific line of business (LOB).

You can redefine your organization, increase productive by using the Power Platform and Dynamics 365. This will help you lower your company’s development cost, gain productivity and enable your organization to better serve your customers.

This workshop "Build a Power App or Dynamics 365 App" will help you get started. This hands-on workshop starts with examples, then lets you Build Your Own!

Our case-based workshop uses the case study method to ensure maximum impact and learning. This workshop is facilitated by a professional Power App developer to give you real-time answers when your get stuck! We answer questions.

Our real-world examples and templates give you a great start. Our guidance is well worth the money and you also have a wealth of videos and online resources that may make more sense after the class.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Dynamics 365 Apps

  • Power Apps
  • Custom Power Apps
  • Examples of Line of Business Apps
  • Dynamics 365 Sales & Service Apps
  • Dynamics 365 Finance Apps
  • Power BI Apps
  • Dynamics and Microsoft Software Apps

Module 2: The Power Apps Universe

  • Canvas Apps
  • Model-driven apps
  • Common Data Service
  • Common Data Model
  • Data Connectors
  • Custom connectors

Module 3: Building A Canvas Power App

  • Create a Canvas App
  • Add a Gallery
  • Connect a Data Source
  • Create a Compare Screen
  • Deploy and Run Your App

Module 4: Common Data Service

  • The Common Data Service Entities
  • Entity relationships Fields
  • Apply business logic Solutions
  • Security in Common Data Service

Module 5: Building a Model Driven App

  • Create a Model Driven (data model structured) App
  • Understand app components
  • Create and design app forms
  • Apply business logic
  • Create and manage app views
  • Use charts
  • Use dashboards
  • Use custom controls
  • Use themes for branding
  • Share an app
  • Distribute an app

Module 6: Building A Portal Power App

  • The types of Portals
  • Customer Self-Service
  • Community
  • Partner
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Custom Portal
  • Creating a Portal App

Module 7: The Power BI Service

  • Power BI, reports and brief overview about how they can be used in a Power App

Module8: Extend canvas apps

  • Extend canvas apps
  • Custom connectors
  • Integrate into websites and other services
  • Develop offline-capable apps

Module 9: Extend model-driven apps

  • Extend model-driven apps
  • Customize entity forms
  • Customize entity views
  • Customize visualizations and dashboards
  • Apply business logic using client scripting
  • Customize commands and ribbon
  • Build custom components (Power Platform component framework)
  • Create, manage, and publish app

Module 10: Best Practices

  • Best Practices
  • User Interface Standardization
  • Have a "Loading" button
  • Use Pop-Up Information Boxes

Module 11: Power Apps Workshop

  • Course Review