Exam MB2-719: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer and Development

Our course helps you prepare for Exam MB2-719

Plan to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM (11%)
Identify the layers in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 architecture
Application layer; Platform layer; Database layer
Identify the deployment considerations
Describe the deployment model, identify support for Microsoft Outlook clients, identify the extensibility points, identify types of reporting, identify the web resources
Preparation resources
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 planning guide
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 implementation guide
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system requirements and required components
Perform common platform operations (12%)
Describe how to use IDiscoveryService
What is the IDiscoveryService used for?
Describe how to use IOrganizationService
What is the IOrganizationService used for?
Describe how to use early-bound entry classes
What is an early-bound entry class used for?
Describe how to use late-bound entry classes
What is a late-bound entry class used for?
Describe data types
Describe how to use methods
Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete, RetrieveMultiple
Describe how to handle SOAP exception
Preparation resources
IDiscoveryService methods
IOrganizationService.Update method
Handling exceptions
Perform advanced platform operations (12%)
Identify different ways to query data
QueryExpression, QueryByAttribute, LINQ queries, FetchXML, filtered views
Save queries
Identify how to use the Execute() method
Identify how to use requests and responses
Identify how to use late-bound versus early-bound
Identify how to use the Entity class
Identify how to use the IOrganizationService web service
Preparation resources
Build queries with QueryExpression
Sample: Execute multiple requests
Use the IOrganizationService web service to read and write data or metadata

Create custom workflow activities and utilize Windows Workflow Foundation (10%)
Describe process architecture
Describe workflow
Actions and conditions, input arguments, variables
Describe dialog
Rules, events, pages, prompts and responses, actions and conditions
Set up custom workflow activity assemblies
Create custom workflow activities
Debug custom workflow activities
Create and modify workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation
Preparation resources
Processes, workflows, and dialogs for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Process architecture for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Custom workflow activities (workflow assemblies) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Create plug-ins (11%)
Describe plug-ins
What is a plug-in, when to use a plug-in, cascading events, information available in plug-ins, plug-ins and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for Microsoft Office Outlook
Describe event framework
Key features, event execution pipeline
Describe plug-in isolation, trusts, and statistics
Develop plug-ins
Data context, exception handling, impersonation, registration and deployment
Describe the Entity class and its uses
Describe the integration of Microsoft Azure with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Overview of the Azure platform, integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, creation of a Listener for an Azure solution, send data over the AppFabric Service Bus, create an Azure–aware plug-in
Preparation resources
Plug-in development for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Introduction to Windows Azure integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Entity class
Implement application events (11%)
Describe the use of JScript web resources and how they are used for client-side events
Overview of web resources, reference web resources, use the Jscript web resource
Describe form and field events
OnChange, OnLoad, OnSave, TabStateChange, OnReadyStateComplete
Describe form event handler execution context
Set event dependencies
Identify best practices in writing client-side code
Debug client-side code
Request external data
Pass parameters
Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 web services
Preparation resources
Use JavaScript with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Use form and field events
Client-side programming reference
Program application events (11%)
Describe form types
Describe global variables and functions
Implement XrmPagecontext
Implement XrmPagedataentity
Implement XrmPageui
Implement GetGlobalContext
Preparation resources
Global variables
GetGlobalContext function
Customize application integration (11%)
Describe ways to customize the user interface
Customize the site map XML
Customize the ribbon XML
Customize the form XML
Describe how customizations impact Microsoft Outlook
Implement IFrames in entity forms
Describe IFrame considerations, retrieve data by using parameters, dynamic IFrame
Describe URL-addressable forms and views
Describe application integration with Microsoft SharePoint Server
Preparation resources
Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Use an IFRAME and web resource controls on a form
URL addressable forms and views
Implement web resources (11%)
Implement webpage (HTML) web resources
Creation, limitations, passing parameters
Implement data (XML) web resources
Creation, limitations, referencing
Implement style sheet (CSS) web resources
Creation, limitations, referencing
Implement style sheet (XSL) web resources
Creation, limitations, referencing
Implement image (PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO) web resources
Creation, limitations, referencing
Implement Silverlight (XAP) web resources
Create Silverlight web resources, access context data, pass data to a Silverlight web resource, use the REST endpoint, test and debug
Preparation resources
Data (XML) web resources
Style Sheet (CSS) web resources
Silverlight (XAP) web resources