Power BI Supply Chain Management Training for Manufacturers

The Power BI Supply Chain Management Custom Training (click here to request a custom course now with Dynamics Edge – fill out and submit the form this link takes you to and/or follow all instructions to start the process) does provide awesome capabilities to assess, analyze and monitor the supply chain management of enterprises, global pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies (Power BI Manufacturing Training) and more. Supply chain management people as well as manufacturing supervisors, regional managers, line managers and more can yield valuable insights into data using Power BI’s drilling up, drilling down and other data analysis and visualization capabilities. Targeted towards IoT driven technology and Supply Chain Management Analytics, and using very powerful and vibrant, useful visualizations to help drive improvements via innovative key performance metrics, Dynamics Edge custom Power BI Training for manufacturers is essential for the modern day supply chain manager and manufacturers. More in depth than Excel datasets, sample content packs, and PBIX files for Power BI, get sales managers, supply chain managers, and manufacturers to monitor direct sales channels and partner sales channels through supplier quality analysis, governed data aggregation and more to drive performance with Power BI for manufacturing.

The Power BI driven manufacturing process needs to be well done in order to succeed and the very best ways to achieve these goals is to have powerful visibility on each key process while maintaining the 10,000 foot big picture view. Real time visibility into your own supply chain is essential for faster and more efficient business decision making. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) can be tracked in real time such as:

  • machine utilization rates
  • costs
  • process efficiency metrics
  • stock and inventory levels
  • losses and profits
  • cycle times and key timelines

Power BI for Manufacturing Training with Dynamics Edge empowers you to intelligently monitor real time data from a variety of sources. You are given the skills to monitor these various sources from a unified experience – from one dashboard – and from that same dashboard you can drill down in order to identify pertinent issues if and when it is necessary to do so.

Manufacturers and supply chain managers must communicate with each other as well as monitor and collaborate on available segmented and organized live data in order to achieve excellence in operational results.

You can obtain real time alerts with the Power BI for Manufacturing mobile apps and this way cause your operations to become much more efficient in order to minimize latent response times and get greater and more impressive agility in your organization.

You also can monitor your supply chain from end-to-end and then identify bottlenecks, issues and problems in advance of them reaching mission critical business processes or enterprise level processes. You can share all or some of your dashboards with manufacturers or partners, and suppliers in order for them to be able to refine it to the most relevant, newest info available. This makes your processes smarter as well as much leaner and much more efficient. Begin monitoring the quality outputs and inputs related to all the data sources, which include your own customers from your enterprise, in order to take meaningful, near-instant enterprise level decisions which have the result of improving the quality of your manufacturing processes. You can do all this and more with Dynamics Edge’s Power BI for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Training and Custom Solutions – click here to start the process (fill out the form or follow all instructions to start)

Azure SaaS Training Solutions for Banking and Capital Markets Case Study

Choose Dynamics Edge for customized quality training solutions in Microsoft Windows Azure for Banking and Capital Markets. Using Azure in cool, innovative ways, you can be the powerhouse for targeted customer and user experiences through real-time interactive payment collection processes. You can also manage risk well across the enterprise or organizational levels. There is also a huge problem with financial crime and you can use artificial intelligence, automation, state-of-the-art fraud detection and other measures included with Azure Capital Markets and Banking Productivity SaaS solutions. Azure is key to banker productivity for the federal sector and also for the capital markets commercial management sector. Click here to request more info on Banking and Capital Markets solutions with Dynamics Edge

Microsoft Windows Azure for Banking and Capital Markets Training
Microsoft Windows Azure for Banking and Capital Markets Training and Solutions with Dynamics Edge

One of the other important aspects about Banker Productivity and Collaboration Training is Microsoft Windows Azure. What is Azure? Microsoft Azure is a cloud hosted solutions development platform that allow you the power to take your operations to targeted, containerized, reliable and secure private and public internet cloud known as the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform. Click here to request more info on custom Azure Banker Productivity Training and customized Azure banking solutions with Dynamics Edge

Microsoft Windows Azure Banker Productivity Training Solutions
Microsoft Windows Azure Banker Productivity Training Solutions

For Azure Banker Productivity Software Solutions and Azure Capital Markets Training, Some related topics include

  • Course 40522A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Stack
  • Course 40526A: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: SAP HANA on Azure for M-Series – increasing Banker Productivity
  • Course 20532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Azure machines have the SAP HANA certification. The SAP HANA certified machines are the M-Series VM’s.

Azure VM type

Azure vCPUs

Memory in GB

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For more information on SAP M Series Azure VM certification see source article from Microsoft and for even more detailed relevant information Click here to request more info on Azure SAP HANA Certification, custom SAP HANA solutions for banker productivity with Microsoft Azure, and more with Dynamics Edge. We also offer custom Azure SaaS Training for banker productivity, use the same link above to get more info.


Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Training and Dynamics 365 Machine Learning Training are available with Dynamics Edge.

Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training Dynamics Edge
Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning Training Dynamics Edge

Dynamics Edge offers premium quality training for Dynamics 365 AI Machine Learning. For instance, Dynamics Edge offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI for Sales App Training, as well as the new October 2018 release of Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With Dynamics Edge training you can get certified in cloud AI and advanced analytics to get your data science profile in Dynamics 365 updated to be a star in the modern Dynamics 365 industry. Some of the certifications include MCSA: Machine Learning. Earn a Microsoft Machine Learning MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification and get started with building your professional data science career in Data Analytics and Machine Learning!

Use this link to start the process to request custom Dynamics 365 AI and Machine Learning Training from Dynamics Edge RIGHT NOW!

Use the above link to start the process, if you are taken to a webform with a pre filled message, please fill out and submit the webform first to see current Dynamics 365 AI training offerings and start the process for requesting a Dynamics Edge Dynamics 365 AI Training course. This MCSA certification shows the world your premium competency in operationalizing and revolutionizing the Microsoft Windows Azure Big Data and Machine Learning with SQL R Services, R Server and Machine Learning.

Earning your MCSA in Machine Learning shows relevant knowledge in for Data Analysts and Data Scientists involved in machine learning. The certification is also the first step to becoming an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) in Data Management and Analytics. It is very much targeted to those who analyze and process bulk data sets using the Azure cloud services as well as R Server to deploy and build intelligent enterprise-level solutions for the modern day.

Check out www.dynamicsedge.com frequently, because the truth is, new Dynamics 365 AI Training offerings are added and updated very frequently by Dynamics Edge. Whether you are seeking out how to improve your modern proficiency in ML Server, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Windows Azure Machine Learning, Apps and Bots, Chat Bots, AI, or any other kind of cloud specialty related to Microsoft Windows Azure and Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you have found the right place. Dynamics Edge’s instructor-led Microsoft Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence Training (AI) and Dynamics 365 Machine Learning Training gets you the skills you need in 2018 and beyond, including for the most recent October 2018 new Dynamics 365 for AI.

Whether you are looking for a Data Science and Data Engineering Bootcamp, for Advanced R courses, for Power BI development, for an introduction to R and Data Visualization, Python for Data Analysis, Azure ML (Machine Learning), Forecasting and Trend Analytics, Big Data Analysis with the Microsoft AI (Artificial Intelligence Platform), or looking for something much more than this, Dynamics Edge has the right custom courses for you.

Strategically use Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI to predict outcomes, forecast events and make the right enterprise-level business decisions at the highest levels. Gain an edge and competitive advantage using actionable and immediate insights to drive business optimization.

Dynamics 365 A.I. gives you the chance to build relationship insights, customer insights, organization insights, and much more. Get key metrics and data to drive new and innovative business decision making. Leverage computational learning theory, with modules like Cognitive Services and AI for Azure, to transform your business data into real practice with actual machine learning and artificial intelligence driven decisions. Use it to drive marketing and organizational level decisions with things like call sentiment analysis, tweet sentiment analysis, building a smart customer service desk with Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI, and other more advanced techniques.

Also keep in mind Microsoft AI platform training. Architect and build intelligent and customized applications and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) for organization high availability (HA), and for compliance and security. Developers and software engineers can rapidly consume very high-level finalized services that actually accelerate AI solutions development using Microsoft AI platform. You can use this link to request custom Microsoft AI Platform Training from Dynamics Edge to improve your Microsoft AI skills.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education School Data Sync Toolkit Teams Training

Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) Teams Training for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for Education, is available upon request click here to request quality Microsoft School Data Sync Training (Microsoft Teams for Education Training) now from Dynamics Edge

Microsoft School Data Sync Toolkit Office 365 Training Microsoft Teams Training Courses
Microsoft School Data Sync Toolkit Office 365 Training Microsoft Teams Training Courses

Microsoft School Data Sync or Microsoft SDS Training goes over this awesome free service in Office 365 for Education, that goes ahead and reads the roster and school data from a school’s Student Information System (SIS). What it also does is that it builds Office 365 Groups for SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, it builds class teams for OneNote Class notebooks and Microsoft Teams, and it builds school groups for Intune for Education. Also note that it takes care of Single Sign On (SSO) integration as well as rostering for 3rd party API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) and apps. There is important app integration scenarios that SDS actually allows you to do, such as:

  • Microsoft Teams for Education – SDS does enable the automatic Class Team building, which is based on the initial SDS-created Office 365 Rostering and Groups.
  • OneNote Class Notebooks – SDS does enable the automated OneNote Class Notebook provisioning within Microsoft Teams for Education itself. Each of the Class Notebooks upon enabling of this feature will have permissions and sections set and created. based upon the rostering data imported during the SDS synchronization.
  • SharePoint Online and Exchange Online  –SDS indeed creates Office 365 Groups for  collaboration, sharing of files, and messaging.
  • Skype for Business and SharePoint alternative. Much of the group conferencing features, voice and video calling, creen sharing, and more is available with Microsoft Teams, AND combine the sharing power of some of Microsoft SharePoint with Teams.
  • Intune for Education – SDS creates schools-based Security Groups for the very granular device policy management. Automated bulk licensing of Intune for Education is available for all synced teachers and students on the system
  • Teams Integration with 3rd Party Applications – SDS integrates with a large number of diverse apps within the Official Microsoft Store and also does enable the  Single Sign-On (SSO) app integration as well as rostering.

Boosting  IT productivity for teachers and admins, SIS empowers app partners, system integrators and vendors to personalize, differentiate, scale and tailor offerings for customers, audiences, and target clientele.

Teachers are Cool.
Teachers are cool, because they can spend a lot less time making manual  classes, manual rosters and becoming an IT manager by diagnosing apps that just don’t work. Instead, use that time to plan online resources and deliver amazing online and in person Microsoft Teams training lessons, for instance. Microsoft Teams facilitates the very simple creation of OneNote Class Notebooks, Teams, Office 365 Groups for  file sharing,  collaboration, online messaging, video chat, voice chat, IM, attachment sharing and more. Teachers can use Microsoft Teams School Data Sync Toolkit to integrate with many other education apps, offerings and software services.

School IT Administrators save time and money with Microsoft Teams School Data Sync Training.
School IT Administrators can save time by the bulk automation of online user and classroom creation, deployment and setup. They can make security simpler with a compliant and centralized data source for user rosters and profiles that all of the classroom members can utilize at any time. Microsoft Teams School Data Sync mirrors data from a school university or educational institution’s  student Information System (SIS) into Azure Active Directory and Office 365 and actually automate the full provisioning of student and teacher accounts as well as online classrooms.  SDS gives any classroom application the power to  to access encrypted cloud-based data via the free API endpoints.
App Partners have the ability to give end users and customers with a single sign on (SSO) to their applications that. SDS enables them to spend less time integrating with different SIS systems, and more time creating personalized experiences for teachers and students. The free API works properly with multiple different devices, OS (Operating Systems) and SIS (student information system) providers.

System integration specialists can save schools a lot of time by integrating their SIS with the Office 365 Training components. These  system integration, deployment and customization specialists can build import and export processes for each individual customer, or even write centralized cloud connectors. These connectors can scale across multiple school districts, which can contribute to helping schools keep class rosters and user profiles updated to the latest versions.

Make SIS Vendors Happy with SDS toolkit
As you probably know, a student information system (SIS), school administration software, student administration system or student management system, is a management information system for the purposed of education establishments (schools, universities and so on) like yours to create, edit, update, delete, or manage student information such as records, transcripts, grade records, report cards, enrollment records, certifications and more. SIS Vendors love Microsoft School Data Sync Toolkit since they can be happy with connecting more apps through a centralized and free of cost API or Application Programming Interface.
Easily and quickly give app partners key access to important student metrics and data, allowing SIS vendors to focus on other more important enterprise and organizational concerns like core organization and business differentiation, not so much going into app integration and the developer side of student information management.

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