Committed Costs Project Management: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials Training

Tracking project costs in Dynamics 365 Financials.

Make a new Fixed price project and then after that allocate the budget to it.
Post vendor invoices, purchase orders, item journals for project to create a scenario for how these committed costs work here.
Define total budget and subcontracted labor.
Use the > Costs > Committed costs
Further management through: Project management and accounting parameters form and the Cost control form.

More info: Dynamics 365 Financials Training

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Training

Dynamics Edge offers Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Training for your organization’s evolution. More info – Dynamics 365 Training

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Training
Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Training


There are brand new features. The user interface enhancements are present.
There are readability improvements. There is the optimization and better
use of space here. There were many requests that customers made and
many of these were addressed. The app platform for the application has been improved to the evolving standards for courses. The web app interface is much upgraded for a modern feel. There is a new query called NOT IN in the advanced find. For instance, people and users can make a query for all case entities that don’t have an education task related to it. In order to perform the NOT in query here is what you need to do. Open the advanced find. In the actual query you select the kind of record to be looking for and after that choose a related kind of record which then reveals the data operator known as “Does not contain data.”

Upgrades to the business process flows.

Business Process Flow entities and classes can be shown on the sitemap for the organization. Developers understand the steps inherent of the business process flows. Stages are possible to appear in vertical instead of horizontal format. Such steps can currently be displayed in docked or floating mode. There is a facilitation of an easier way to see the kind of steps that are necessary to be finished prior to continuing. One huge change is that the business Process flow is now a distinct entity. Optional steps can be included in the business process flow with criteria and definitions to trigger these steps. Custom views can be created for business process flows.

Activity feed upgrade timelines

  • Service team visibility
  • visual and textual filters
  • sort activity types
  • manage notes
  • manage posts
  • manage interactions
  • activity feed upgrades
  • what’s new section

Activity management

Modernized Quick Create forms

  • Phone Call
  • Appointment
  • Task

Knowledge Management Upgrades

Customer Service Hub using Knowledge Management include rich-text editor. Global search UI modernizing is prevalent here. This includes relevant search implemented in the global search UI. This uses the search service from Azure. Attachments and notes are included in indexed, searched entity retrieved records. There is improved possibility to change the source HTML code of the knowledge articles.  Preview capabilities for content in order to ascertain compatibility on very diverse types of phones, tablets and other devices.

Translation capability for the Knowledge Articles can be performed using what is called Knowledge Management. Look for keyword text with this feature.

The Dynamics 365 App For Outlook empowers users to see views, grids, lists and more! Dynamics 365 for Sales can be used with this. The implementation is done using the Dynamics 365 Unified Service Desk training courses.